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Stavros Mastrogiannis
Stavros MastrogiannisPublished on January 26, 2022

You Want to Get In Shape For Life?  A New Diet will not help, but a new lifestyle will.

A New Service is coming soon that can show you how you can develop a new lifestyle and it's easier than you might think!

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When I got into the fitness field back in 1992, the obesity rate in the US was 12.6%, and today (2022), according to National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, it is 42.5%

During the same time, we have more than doubled the amount of money we spend on weight loss products and services from $30 billion per year to over $65 billion today.

Whatever the popular weight loss methods are doing to help people lose weight and get in shape is not working. And when I say not working, I mean not working in the long term. Did you know that around 95% of people who lose weight end up regaining the weight back with the current weight loss methods?

Coming to this realization early in my fitness career, I questioned the popular weight loss methods, and I took a different path.  That is how I ended up creating my own unique approach to weight loss, which enables people to lose the weight they want and keep it off with minimum effort.

My approach is based on how people can effortlessly maintain their excellent health in healthy regions.  I didn't just study healthy regions for those of you who don't know me; I was raised in one.  I was raised on a Greek island, and when I lived there in the 70 and 80, thin was the norm, and people lived long, healthy lives free from most diseases that you associate with old age.  

My unique experience enabled me to create a system that produces results like no other.  With my system, people don't just get in shape.  Due to how my system helps people get in shape by making permanent changes in their lifestyle, staying in shape requires almost no effort, unlike most other weight loss and fitness approaches.

Up until now, the only way I could help you learn my system for sustainable and healthy weight loss was to work with me one on one, which limited the number of people I could help.

That is why I created "A Fit YOU For Life" subscription plan, which will make my unique approach available to anyone who wants to get in shape for life and has access to the internet.

With this service, you will not just learn some new diet or some new exercise routine to help you lose weight and get in shape for a little while.  You will learn a new lifestyle that is extremely easy to maintain and put your fitness program on autopilot, just like in healthy regions where people maintain their great health, without constantly thinking about what to eat and what to do to maintain their excellent health.

Ahead of launching this new service, we are creating a Waitlist.  By joining the Waitlist, you will also be able to give your input on the New Services before we launch.  We want your input to make sure the new service will work for you and is priced within your budget. 

So go on, Click Here and get on the Waitlist! I can't wait to see who is interested in this new service, which I know will have a considerable impact on your health and weight and how we approach weight loss and better health as a society.   Know that there are zero obligations when you get on the Waitlist.

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