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A Fit YOU For Life, Subscription Program is Now Available

Stavros Mastrogiannis
Stavros MastrogiannisPublished on February 07, 2022

About This Subscription Program

This program is designed to teach you how to put your fitness program on autopilot by making habitual all the healthy behaviors that will help you achieve the lean and healthy body you want.  With this program, you will not just get in great shape; you will have an effortless time maintaining your excellent shape, just like the people in healthy regions who are able to maintain their excellent health without having to think about it

Is this Program Right For You?

If you want to get in shape and stay in shape but don’t want to make your life all about fitness, this program is for you.  In other words, you don’t want to be thinking about your diet and workouts constantly.  You want to enjoy life while getting in shape and staying in shape.  In other words, this program is for people who wish to have a lean and healthy body and eat their cupcakes too.

Here’s how it works

With the current weight loss methods, is very easy to get overwhelmed with everything they ask you to do to lose weight and get in shape. For example, most programs ask people to count calories points, measure their food, constantly think about what they can and can't eat, and of course, the workouts. The vast majority of people who lose weight with those methods regain the weight because they can't keep up with everything they must do.

That will not happen with the way we approach losing weight and getting in shape and let me explain why.

Yes, the task of losing weight and getting in shape can seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be. Like the saying goes, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

It would be best if you approached weight loss the same way. In other words, don't try to change all your habits at once; work on changing one habit at a time, and that is how we approach weight loss.

The whole program is broken down into modules. In each module, you will learn about one healthy habit, the difference that healthy behavior can make in your health and weight, and all the science behind it. Most importantly, you will learn how to implement that healthy behavior into your life and make it completely habitual. All the simple actions you must take that will help make that behavior habitual are clearly listed at the end of each module.

You do not move to the next module until the actions you were asked to take at the current module are completely habitual and you are very comfortable with them. You will find clear instructions at each module as to when to move to the next module.

There are also live group coaching session available for each module, if you need help with any obstacles that get in your way of applying the habit from that module into your life.  You can also email your coach with any questions you might have about the habit you are developing.

With this program, you move at your own pace; there is no rush. You will find some habits very easy to adapt into your life, so you will not need to spend as much time with that habit, and others, you might need more time.

The first 7 modules focus on the 5 healthy habits that all healthy regions have in common and will have the most significant impact on your weight and health, and they must be done in order.

Once you have gone through the first 7 modules and have developed all the healthy habits from those modules, you will have pretty much put your fitness program on autopilot.

Once you have put your fitness program on autopilot, you have a choice:

1) You can continue developing more healthy habits that we will provide you to improve your health further, boost your immune system, and further lower your chance of developing any disease, including cancer and Alzheimer's.  
2) You can switch to our maintenance membership, ensuring that you don't go back to your old habits. 
3) You can discontinue your membership and go entirely on your own.

 How Your Journey Will Begin

As soon as you join you will receive a welcome email with a link to the Welcome Page. It gives you an overview of the whole program and a clear action plan of how you can develop all the healthy habits that will put your fitness program on autopilot.  There you will also find links to the 7 initial modules of the program.

What To Expect To Achieve With This Subscription

In healthy regions, people can maintain their excellent healthy effortlessly because all the healthy behaviors that keep them in shape are habitual.  Since with A Fit YOU For Life program, you will have gotten in shape through permanent changes in your habitual behaviors, you will not just achieve a lean a healthy body that you are proud of.   You will have achieved a lean and healthy body that you will maintain effortlessly while still enjoying life, just like the people in healthy regions.  It will be like your fitness program is on autopilot. 

What is the Cost for This Subscription

The average nutritionist charges $300 per month, and they don’t even help you develop the exercise habit or many of the other healthy habits you will be learning with this subscription program.  Even if I charged $159/month, it would be a bargain, especially with everything you will be receiving through this program, including live group coaching sessions.  

But I want to make this program affordable to as many people as possible to finally start to reverse the weight gain epidemic plaguing our society.  That is why I priced this program only $67 per month.

The reality is, with this program, you will be saving a lot more than $67 per month.  My average client who has developed only the first 3 eating habits you will be learning through this program, saves $58 per week on their food bill without even trying.  That is over $200 per month in savings.  In addition, through this program, you will be significantly improving your health, which means you will be getting sick a lot less often than you do today, which means fewer medical bills and a lot fewer sick days.  How much would that save you, not to mention all the discomfort you will be avoiding?

So, for only $67 per month, you can get all the support you need to develop all the healthy habits that will put your whole fitness program on autopilot, so you will not just get in shape; you will have an effortless time staying in shape too.

Live Your Way Thin Subscription Plans

A Fit YOU For Life

$67 /month

Become a Founding Member and Get This 3 Bonuses (Valued over $200)

Because I want to get a flood of new clients to start the program I am offering the following 3 bonuses to the first 50 people who join A Fit YOU For Life and become founding members.


30% discount on top of the already low price if you are one of the first 50 people who join and become a founding member. The 30% discount is not just for the first month, but for the life of the membership. To get the 30% discount, just use the code "AFITYOU30" when you sign up, and it will deduct 30% off the monthly membership. But hurry, this code will be valid only for the first 50 people who join.


As a founding member, your rates will never be increase for the life of the membership


All 50 founding members will receive a Free 30 minute consultation with me, which they can use at any time during the program.  Best time to use this consultation is when you first join the program to make sure you start on the right track.

Live Your Way Thin Subscription Plans

A Fit YOU For Life

$67 /month

7 Day Risk-Free Trial

Join today and try out A Fit YOU For Life subscription plan for 7 days and see all the inner workings.   If you are not 100% convinced that with this program you will be able to get in shape and stay in shape for life, simply cancel within the 7 days and you will not get charged a penny.  But I can tell you, when it comes to healthy weight loss that you can maintain effortlessly, you will not find better approach than the approach we have taken with A Fit YOU For Life.  Join today and see for yourself.

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