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Sports Science Meets Practice

Dave-Sarah Sherman
Boston, MA, USA

We consume research and clinical insight to offer simple solutions to your complex sports rehabilitation problems.

It takes 15 years for current research to be adopted in clinical practice. It takes longer for frontline clinical experience to be validated in academic research. These facts undermine our patient's success in sports rehabilitation.

The solution is to provide clinicians a path into scholarly practice that is diverse in clinical perspective, critically appraised, intellectually stimulating, and supportive of your interests and autonomy.

As experienced clinicians in high-profile sports physical therapy and strength & conditioning practice with PhD and residency training in ACL injury and rehabilitation, we have:

- built a world-wide network of friends and collaborators

- honed skills in research appraisal and data visualization

- mastered anatomy and neurophysiology

- studied the way learning and knowledge translation works

Visit our website Beginning in Spring 2023, we will offer a member-area where you can find weekly and monthly content that 1) distills the newest research into relevant cliff notes and visual summaries, 2) breaks-out ACL rehab and other milestones into actionable goals, 3) simplifies exercise and therapeutic modality prescription, and 4) empowers advanced clinical assessment and patient education through data visualization tools.

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