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Lilit Pepepyan
Atlanta, GA, USA

LitwLilit is a candle company that specializes in molded/sculpted candles. After spending 17 years in corporate America and always feeling like I was waiting for someone to give me the opportunities I wanted, I realized the only way I could accomplish that was if I did it on my own. I started LItwLilit with the desire to be the example that I was pushing for my kids. I knew the best way they can see you can do what you set out to do is by showing them. With a passion for all things art and the experience of running a business, I chose candles because they allowed me creative freedom and were something that I knew many people love from all walks of life. What motivates, first and foremost, are my children. They are the reason why I go hard daily and am willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. I am also motivated by the fact that I get to live daily being unapologetically myself and create works of art by listening to my customers on what they want but always putting the Lilit spin to it. My customers drive me to do better and always think outside the box. I am constantly taking feedback and making my product better.

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