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Yoga and Permaculture

Yoga day 2021

Francisca  Schouten
Francisca Schouten Published on June 21, 2021

Summer solstice on International Yoga Day 2021. Honoring the infinite cycles of existence and light. Where we spiral our way into being.When starting to practice Yoga there was not so much popularity around the practice here in the West yet. By now we have all heard or seen something about Yoga. The ancient Yogis already knew how much the practice could transform human beings, connect them and open spaces for healing and inner peace. When we feel at peace inside it ripples its effect into the world we live in. In and outside. Yoga is much more then asana (poses for steadiness within a challenge). Chanting, pranayama (breathing), withdrawing senses, contemplation, meditation, ethical values.. all part of the lifestyle and now proven by neuroscience. May we live in harmony with all that exits, with nature, each other and ourselves. With light on life, a grateful heart for the gift of Yoga.

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