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Ricky Hall
St. Louis, MO, USA

On January 1st, 2015, NutritionHQ. was born when founder, Ricky Hall, became fed up with his customers' health and wellness being looked at as just business by the nutrition franchises he worked with for the last 15 years. In 2019, he acquired Legit Supplements, a company that to this day has a focus on quality and purity with good manufacturing practices.

With a strong work ethic gained from watching his mother start and grow her own successful business in rural Missouri, Ricky's desire to become an entrepreneur and help others achieve their goals began over 25 years ago.  It was while serving in the United States Air Force in the early '90s that he became deeply passionate about nutrition and supplements.

 "I remember seeing a picture of myself and how overweight I had become.  After seeing that picture, I purchased a book about nutrition and supplements; within six months, I had lost over 50 pounds.  I was hooked on helping people lose weight, gain muscle, and live a healthier life.  I started training and writing diet plans for friends and family members and realized that it was my true passion." -NutritionHQ. Founder, Ricky Hall  

After leaving the Air Force in 1995,  Ricky moved to New Jersey and worked at a gym as a personal trainer.  Working one-on-one with his clients only added fuel to Ricky's desire to help others on their fitness journey. In 1998, he moved back to Missouri to be closer to his son, Tyler, and start his first nutrition store. 

"I scraped together everything I had saved while working a construction job and begged my Mom and Dad to cosign a loan to help me open my first franchise store in February of 2000.  I worked that store open to close every day for over five months to learn every moving part of the business, plus I could not afford to hire an employee."  

Although exhausting and stressful, those early days of being a bootstrapped entrepreneur hold some of Ricky's dearest memories. While working bell-to-bell, his son Tyler would play in the back of the store when Ricky helped customers on the sales floor. Ricky would have never guessed at that time that the same ornery little boy playing on his computer would one day own his own NutritionHQ. and own one of the top stores in the company.  

As his store began to gain traction, Ricky decided it was time to expand the business he loved. He started acquiring failing franchise stores and quickly implemented what he had learned with his first store to make the new stores successful.  

 "In 2009, I felt like I could not take care of my customer, and I was forced to sell products that I did not believe in.  I sold my four stores in 2010 to find a franchise concept that cared about the customer as much as I did.  I worked as a consultant for a few months with a new franchise concept.  In 2011 I bought into the new franchise concept to finally change the way people thought about Nutrition stores.  Quickly I learned the franchise concept was not the answer, and I was growing more and more frustrated every day.  I wanted to provide the best products for my customers, and my hands were tied." -NutritionHQ. Founder, Ricky Hall  

On May 27th, 2014, Ricky left his latest and last franchisor to take care of his most significant asset. The Customer! His passion and the team's passion are to find the best products for the customer. The Team at NutritionHQ. provide effective weight loss products, the most cutting-edge sports nutrition lines, and the best multivitamins and minerals on the market. 

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