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Laila Morcos Zissis

Laila Zissis
New Orleans, LA, USA

Hi! I'm Laila Morcos Zissis, and I inspire change focused on "WHOLEsoul" living through strategic planning, mind organization, and connecting to inner wisdom. I am an Intuitive Coach< Professional Certified Coach, National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and Certified Mentor Coach who brings evidence-based techniques coupled with visionary and spiritual solutions to my work to help you move into joy and higher levels of living at ALL times. I have a passion for helping you remove blocks hampering your success and a desire to have your Exquisite Life Revealed.

How do you know I'm the right person to help you on this journey? Because I have been where you might be right now. Stressed but alive with dreams of achieving more, seemingly unable to get out of my own way. Stuck with the deep knowledge that I am here for more than just getting through the day. Do you know that feeling? Do you have that feeling right now? If so…read on or reach out to me now!

Even if you feel you're in the darkest of places right now, you can move into the light. You can regain control of your mind, body, emotions, thoughts, and ultimately your destiny. Doesn't that sound fantastic?

You see, I don't believe we are on Earth to live a life that is status quo. I don't believe we should age before our time. I do believe that we are in control of reaching our potential. I do believe that with help, anyone can clear the blocks that manifest ailments and stop your destiny. I believe we are here to live life with ultimate joy, with ultimate energy, with the path towards success clear, and with beautiful synchronicities. I believe that we all have the tools within us to have our Exquisite Lives Revealed.

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