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Lili Bouniady
Glendale, CA, USA

I first discovered the Bodystyling method in Europe after discovering it has been around for decades and is the first choice for getting fit, losing weight, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I couldn't believe that LA was oblivious to the amazing benefits and results of the Bodystyling method and decided to assume the responsibility of introducing our beautiful city to what we've been missing!

I've always been an advocate of healthy lifestyles, but I've also always had a very busy schedule with limited time to be as active as I would have wanted. In addition to the pandemic shifting all of our lives and making us less active, I struggled with weight gain and subsequently struggled with weight loss after two pregnancies. After trying it myself and seeing the results and how quickly I was nearing my goal, I knew I could help so many people who had the same concerns and obstacles.

The workout is only 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of ozone therapy, so 45 minutes is all you need to achieve the efficiency of a 2 hours gym workout while eliminating or significantly reducing soreness, so you're not inclined to skip the next workout because of the pain. It's also a personalized experience, so you're not scanning a gym for an available machine, not even knowing if you actually need it or how to use it.

I am at the studio six days a week, and what keeps me going is watching people come in for an initial consultation with a laundry list of all the things they've tried, all the diets they've done, and all the motivation they were drained of from not seeing results. Week by week, I see these same people coming in with a new pep in their step after every session. I see them buying new clothes and showing off their new bodies, and I see them smiling bigger every time they walk in and smiling when they leave. I see the gradual build of confident energy surrounding them and glowing bigger every time they come in. I see all the things blossoming within them that they didn't think they had the capability of achieving. Then one day, they finally see a noticeable improvement in their figure and newfound confidence. That blossoming self-confidence motivates me every day to bring that exposure to LA Bodystyling and provide that joy to as many people as I possibly can.

LA Bodystyling is Europe's best kept secret revealed and ready for Los Angeles. We offer European hot pilates, guided by a personal trainer and done in our state-of-the-art hot cabins, which are comfortably heated to your body's internal temperature. The heat allows for a more effective workout, endurance, and stamina, preventing post-workout soreness.

The 30-minute workout program tailored to each individual's needs, fitness level, and target areas is equal to 2 hours at a traditional gym. The workout programs were created by scientists after studying anatomy and determining that the sequence or order in which muscles you are activating is a major factor in how effective the workout is. After taking measurements at the initial consult, we assign a workout program specific to each person, estimate how many sessions it would take to reach the healthy goal, and remeasure every 10th session to monitor progress.

It's also an excellent choice for pregnant women, postpartum women, and the elderly because of the reduced risk of injury and the limited strain on the hips and back. The workout is followed by ozone therapy to boost the metabolism, boost immunity, optimize blood flow, promote skin elasticity, diminish cellulite, and much more! We also offer nutritional and wellness coaching and specialize in weight loss programs! Our studio is a one-stop-shop for all your health and wellness needs promoting a healthy body, mind, and lifestyle!

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