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Keith Thomas
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Born in Jamaica and relocated to the United States in the late '70s. I grew up around food and was blessed that my mother helped me to discover my passion for food.

I started out helping around the house and with dinner parties until I started cooking professionally. I was also fortunate to have worked with some incredible chefs before studying culinary arts in New York City. I traveled to Europe and learned about the foods of many cultures.

I returned to the states and started catering events and consulting for restaurants and hotels. This leads me to become a Personal Chef. As a Personal Chef, I got the opportunity to work with some wonderful clients whose main focus was health. I got the gift of exploring many eating lifestyles and how to choose the best ingredients for our bodies. Currently, I am a Private Chef and Nutritional Consultant. I love sharing my knowledge of food and transforming people's health.

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