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K-Mama Sauce

Stephanie Kye

Having grown up on my mother's homemade Korean cooking, I realized how hard it was to find quality Korean food and sauces after I moved to Minnesota in 2010. I started asking my mom for her recipes and tried to replicate some of her cooking in my own kitchen. Around this time, Korean culture was also gaining more popularity in the United States. K-pop was a regular fixture in clubs and on the radio, while interest in K-food exploded. This is where K-Mama Sauce comes in.  After 100 variations, I am proud to present K-Mama Sauce. Initially sweet with a rich and buttery middle and a spicy burn at the end, K-Mama Sauce adds an authentic, delicious kick to appetizers, salads, soups, and entrees of any style. And now, I'm excited to take our Korean-mom tested sauce and make it available (and affordable) to everyone. With its fresh ingredients and rich flavor, I know you'll love K-Mama Sauce too. It's Seoul for your food!

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