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How To Stop Living In Chronic Pain

Mary Beauchamp
Mary BeauchampPublished on July 18, 2022

You MUST beware of anti-nutrients because they can wreak havoc on your joints, nerves, bones, organs, and urinary tract, causing all sorts of problems! I know it sounds crazy and I didn't believe it either until I cut these foods out of my own diet and had great results.

Anti-nutrients are chemical compounds found in plants, such as gluten, that destroy the digestive tract.  The most common plant toxins are phytates, oxalates, and lectins. Gluten is the most famous lectin of all and it's the cause of gluten intolerance in many people.

The good news is, there is a simple dietary solution that many people are discovering that is safe and effective.

This powerful interview with Dr. Gurpreet Padda, Pain Management Specialist in Saint Louis and Founder of the Center For Pain Management, explains how he has helped thousands of people stop living in pain.

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