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Mary Beauchamp
California, USA

My name is Mary Beauchamp. I’m a Registered Nurse, International Best Selling Author, Certified GAPS Practitioner (Gut And Psychology Syndrome), yoga instructor and natural childbirth educator. I am passionate about helping people achieve metabolic health so they can prevent, control and reverse chronic disease, stay off prescription medications, reach their ideal body weight and live their best life! I’ve been helping people get keto-adapted for over 25 years and I am  currently training health care professionals to embody the practices of “radical health” so they can teach their patients how to do the same. 

I grew up on a farm and from a very young age I’ve been passionate about science, nutrition, preserving traditional food systems and the restoration of land through regenerative agriculture. I’ve spent 12 years as a natural child birth educator and doula and I believe that good nutrition should begin in the womb. 

My deepest intention is to set people free to live meaningful, integrated, and empowered lives. My mission is to help make people more aware and conscious so they are able to make truly informed decisions about their health and happiness. My desire is to wake people up from the spell that their disease is their fate, and offer natural solutions for self-healing. I spend most of my time traveling, but consider northern California, where she raised my four children, to be my home. 

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