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Carla is a third-generation intuitive following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother. She is the first in the line able to share her ability with the world. She had her first metaphysical experience at 3 years old and now works as a full-time Evidential Psychic Medium. 

At the same time, Carla was raised in a largely scientific household, her father was a renowned scientist. 

After training with various psychics and mediums Carla has developed a unique style all to herself. She is frank, rapid and has a distinctive off-the-cuff wit. 

In a Mediumship reading her objective is to provide validating evidence from those in the Spirit World. She does this through a combination of precise facts, physical and emotional descriptions and then a message if the Spirit person or pet offers one. 

In a Psychic reading Carla taps into the Universal Consciousness and offers guidance on various ways to navigate the field of potentiality. She believes strongly that the client should follow their own sixth-sense and be an active part in their own decision making. 

Carla has extensive experience in platform Mediumship and contacts both large and small groups.

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