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Kathy Brown TLC

Kathryn Brown
Willowbrook, IL, USA

I started unraveling the mysteries of my life when I began to understand the power of energy. There is so much more to energy than most people are aware of. Because of my knowledge of energy, I have been able to experience magnificent relationships and create a career I absolutely love for over thirty-five years. Though in those 35+ years, I’ve had to make the choice to leap many times to get to the place where I am today; an Author, Speaker, Dancer, Leadership, and Energy Coach. See my full story here, Kathy's Journey.

In life, we often ask ourselves: what's next? What am I missing? How can I get that passion back? My question is: Are you ready to take the leap to create a fulfilling life again? I am your Transformational Catalyst to get you there.

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