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Treasure Kave Embroidery

Katherine Savage
Kingston upon Thames, UK

Treasure Kave is a hand embroidery business. I believe in designing beautiful, quality, fun and sustainable gifts that will be treasured for years to come. To ‘sow’ my love of embroidery and inspire others to use this versatile craft, I have developed a range of embroidery kits which are designed to be fun and accessible for all abilities.

I'm an embroidery artist and I fell in love with embroidery at a young age. I love how it magically transports me to a relaxed, creative and happy world away from all the stresses of life. After some time focusing on some stitches, l emerge with a full heart and ready to take on almost anything! I design all of my embroidery kit with this in mind as l would love for others to experience this fun, relaxing and enjoyable craft.

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