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Kassumay Fruit Spreads

The taste from West Africa!

Bacary Diatta
Bacary DiattaPublished on April 18, 2022

Bacary Diatta’s hibiscus fruit spread, @kassumayllc, as seen on the shelves of several grocery stores including @wholefoods and @urbangreenscoopmarket, was created with the intention of #empowering women in Senegal. “Empowering the groups of women victims of the rebellion conflict is the main motivation, these brave women who do not ask too much, but only the chance of being able to work and provide for the needs of their children, face problems of discrimination and stigmatization, which push them to leave their land to try other often perilous adventures, they are my main motivation. And that's why most of the raw Hibiscus I use I buy from these women and give them 10% of my earnings to motivate them to have more faith and confidence in themselves,” Bacary said. SEG was able to provide Kassumay with a loan this past week! We are so thrilled to watch this venture flourish and be a part of the journey!

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