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What does the inner critic and the asshole have in common?

Julia Bray
Julia BrayPublished on January 20, 2022

They're both things that EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS!

Across all spectrums of identity, WE ALL SHARE THESE COMMONALITIES. Isn't it wonderful?!

They're kind of like great equalizers. You can be rich, poor, queer, straight af, Black, white, conservative or anarchist and you still definitely experience an inner critic, and you still definitely have an asshole. We all have both of these things, and yet there's a heck of a lot of shame around both of them. We feel like we're somehow alone in the nasty things our critic whispers in our ears.

On Sunday January 23rd from 4:00-5:15 PST our Cosmic Movement class will explore our relationship to...

Our inner critic.

(Not teaching a cosmic movement class on the asshole... but...never say never)

Have I said the word asshole enough for you this morning?

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This Cosmic Movement class will be exploring the inner critic which is astrologically personified by the planet SATURN.

In it's contracted state, this energy can show up in our life as:

- a tendency to pick apart ourselves

-rushing towards perfection out of insecurity

-finding the worst case scenario in everything

- being intensely critical with extremely high standards

-insisting that something is inherently wrong with us.

This archetype walks hand in hand with shame, and is typically punitive, harsh, cruel and intense.

Tbh I am very scared of my inner critic. Why shouldn't I be? She is mean and forceful. If your critic is talking particularly loud lately, and you'd like to redefine your relationship to it, come to class on Sunday!

Through movement, meditation & dance, we will work to explore the terrain of the inner critic and see if we can't invite it into a new role: the protector & wise guide.

- Journaling & Reflection to explore the ways the critic has taken up authority in our lives.

-Somatic Movement & dance to move the energy of contraction & criticism towards a more open field of protected curiousity.

-Meditation & Ritual to help dissolve the critical archetype's walls, and offer it a new role in our internal landscape.

As always this is a trauma-informed movement class that invites you to move at the pace of your body.

Class is included in your cosmic movement membership, $20 for a drop in, or free with a free trial to either subscription tier!

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The first person to e-mail me back telling me one cruel thing their inner dictator has whispered in their ear today will get a free spot in class ! (ps i'm pretty sure the critic is lying, but lets figure it out together)

Sending love, happy aquarius season, just being myself!

perpetually yours,


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