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The Dreambody: A Jupiter in Pisces Cosmic Movement Class

Julia Bray
Julia BrayPublished on January 04, 2022

Happy New Year my sweet mystic babies! It's so nice to be in community with you!!

We're entering 2022 with our benevolent fairy godmother Jupiter basking in their homeland of Pisces. It's equal parts expanded mystic visions, new age cool aid and psychedelic dolphins as it is increased capacity for compassion, taking care of our energy, and "we are the world" group singalongs.

Ya'll, for the last couple of years as I've sort of exited a cult world (more on that another time) I've been really trying to, you know: be embodied, stay grounded ,live & grapple with this reality, etc etc. It's been good for the pendulum to swing back towards what I can feel beneath my feet.

But the truth of the matter that Pisces knows is: this reality isn't the only reality. What's beneath what's beneath our feet? Energy! Vibes! Atoms! Quantum Physics! Astral Realms! Inter-dimensional realities!

This Sunday at 4 pm PST in our Cosmic Movement class, we're gonna go there. An entire class devoted to charging up the astral body to allow the dreamer to do what they do best: dream & vision into the other realms of existence. I think we all need a little permission to dream right now. To expand our belief in what's possible. To leave our bodily reality and explore our dream body.

-Meditation to charge up your auric field, magnify your energy & catapult into the etheric realm

-Dance as a magic spell to speak to the other realms of existence

-Somatic Movement to meet your dreambody & work with mythic images & sensations

This class is a part of the Perpetual Motion & Cosmic Mover Subscription. If you'd like to try it for FREE you can join below for a 7 day free trial. Seriously! Come, take a class & cancel your trial--no hard feelings!

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Cosmic Mover

$25 /month

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If you'd like to drop in, class is $20.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

perpetually yours



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