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The Darkest Hour: A Solstice Celebration

Julia Bray
Julia BrayPublished on December 16, 2021

Hi!!! WINTER IS COMING! (and so is cosmic movement on 12/19 at 4 pm pst!)

recently I've been lighting a candle at night to put myself to bed (you know, while checking my phone & e-mail because I don't want to disrupt my very normal routine of blue light exposure to my brain during my bedtime ritual!!!)

one evening while gazing into the flame my millenial brain was like:

"wow. candles used to be like...a luxury. imagine having to decide what to focus on at night based on the amount of light you have access to"

(quote by me, no i wasn't stoned)

I say all of this because during the winter, while we're turning down our flannel sheets & saying goodnight at 4:30 PM, it feels like nature's invitation to not only rest, but to decide where we'd like to focus our light.

With the gemini full moon coming up on Saturday which works with our minds, this is an excellent time to strengthen our mental vision for the future and celebrate the darkness as a state of consciousness that can bring great illumination to our lives.

Wanna join us for a Cosmic Movement class where we'll cultivate a relationship to our inner light through movement, dance & meditation?

THE DARKEST HOUR is on Sunday December 19th from 4:00-5:15 PM PST !

This is my absolute favorite time of year. There's a cheer & optimism in the air, a trust that the light will return, and a deep internal glow. Come move your body & focus your energy during this powerful time!

-Kundalini Meditation

-Candlelit Prayer (BYO candle!)

-Somatic Movement & Dance Guidance

-Astrological Insights & Cosmic Wisdom

-A Trauma Informed Container

Class is offered as a part of the Cosmic Movement Membership which you can try for a FREE 7 day trial. Or, drop in for $20.

Want to join as my guest? First three people to e-mail me back here will get the zoom link for free. Tis the season!

Perpetually Yours,


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