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accountability cosmic movement class: april 10th!

Julia Bray
Julia BrayPublished on April 06, 2022

Hey pals,

Last week I shared with you my infectious Aries new moon glee: the sort of electric energy that's responsible for life-changing decisions. Aries takes the metaphorical machete to the brambles of our own stuckness & contraction and says "I'M GOING IN". It clears a path for the most expansive version of ourselves, our lives, and our experiences.

That's all fantastic, but hard to sustain if we don't have accountability, community, and an action plan.

This week, I'm following up with an offering to help keep you trodding along the newly hacked path that's slowly bending to your will, and showing you an entirely new way of being.

This coming Sunday April 10th from 4:00-5:15 PST we will gather for a First Quarter Moon Cosmic Movement class.

The First Quarter is a time to take action and really put ourselves & our prayers out into the world. Together as a community, we will gather and check in with the practicality of our wishes. What comes next? What can we actually commit to? When? How often? Where?

-Writing prompts & community accountability & visibility around our desires & actions

-Movement & Dance to cast a spell of commitment on your nervous system

-Meditation & Kundalini energy work to connect to divine guidance as continued inspiration

Class is FREE with a free trial, is included in your Cosmic Movement membership or, offered as a one off for $20 drop in.

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$25 /month

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$59 /month

Looking forward to seeing you there this Sunday!

Perpetually Yours,


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