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8 years ago I got sober on a new moon in aries: CLASS ALERT

Julia Bray
Julia BrayPublished on March 30, 2022

Hi everyone!

8 years ago today, on an Aries new moon I made a decision that changed my life: I decided to get sober. To say I did it alone would be bonkers. Sure, I had community and friends. But the energy I felt the most held by was the spiritual support of ARIES SEASON: I was wildly inspired and ultimately moved to action by the element of FIRE: go big or go home! give it everything you've got! take action!

It was this spark of inspiration, the powerful inflammation of believing I was worthy and capable of change, this continued knowing that the only leap worth taking was a huge one, that led to a massive overhaul of my life. It was this sort of unabashed faith in myself that changed my entire world for the better.

Are you feeling this powerful elemental boost like I am? Come join us for a Cosmic Movement NEW MOON in ARIES class TOMORROW at 2:00 pm PST//5:00 PM EST.

Aries season always does this sort of loving leveling up for me, and it can do it for you too. If you're feeling it, join me tomorrow as we cultivate this energy in our bodies, set intentions together, and set our inner worlds on FIRE!

DANCE, MOVEMENT, MEDITATION, MAGIC all through a trauma-informed and somatically grounded lens.

See you there!



PS want to try class but not ready to commit? sign up for the free trial!

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