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What is your perfect day? 🖖

Jonny Quirk
Jonny QuirkPublished on April 23, 2021

So after last week's feline-driven emotional rollercoaster, it's good to be back and giving some thought on how to "Feel Great" (Inc)

I was lucky enough to catch on the radio the other day, one of my favourite ever tunes - Lou Reed "Perfect Day' (incredible production from Bowie and Mick Ronson on this...possibly it's about heroin use...who cares what it's about...) and it got me thinking about how every day is an opportunity for a Perfect Day.

Yes, of course, time, space, location, mood, external circumstances can all impact our ability to have a good day, let alone a perfect day...

But how about if we all made small steps towards a perfect day - i.e if we all put a little time aside each day to plan out how we want to spend a few chunks of the next day then we can definitely start having a perfect hour more often and get out of patterns/ruts and routines that have developed through COVID (I'm as guilty as charged myself here, and feel more than ever the need to break out of the square mile I seem to be walking around each and every day) - let's then look to compound and increase these each day...

What turns you on?

What excites us all? What are our hobbies/passions? What do we want to learn? - what is it that turns us on? Are we doing that enough? Do we have balance in terms of work/life/family/friends - are we balanced in terms of nostalgia vs new experiences? Are we having more good days than bad days? Are we having more good hours than bad hours? Are we having more good moments than bad moments?

We can all achieve greater fulfilment away from autopilot by starting to write down some of our aspirations and goals and get working on these in our personal time.

Start with an hour and scale that up to a perfect day.

Today and tomorrow are great opportunities to plan just a one-hour slot of something that you love doing/have always wanted to do. You might even have two hours available to head towards your perfect day.

Whatever you do, have fun - now go and drink sangria in the park, feed some animals in the zoo...or whatever you want with your deserve it!

JQ x

ps - more 24-carat goodness next week!

Lou Reed's Perfect Day <<Listen Here<<

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