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What are you watching on Netflix in 6 months time?

Jonny Quirk
Jonny QuirkPublished on March 05, 2021

It's the eternal question of lockdown, and most probably a long time before then.. "watched anything good on Netflix recently?"

And whilst screens have been a saviour during the COVID-19 pandemic (box-sets when there was no sport or cinema, zoom when we couldn't get to the office etc), surely now is the perfect time to say 'no Netflix and chill" when all restrictions are over... (If I'm misunderstanding 'Netflix and chill 'please do write back and explain... 😆)

One of the greatest feelings in life is anticipation... and the wonder and suspense of looking forward to something.

Often the chase is more exciting than the catch and all that...

But now is the absolute perfect time to start planning and making inroads into what you want life to look like after the pandemic.

Holidays, new friends, old friends, days out, adventures, food, drink, exploration, music, movies, sport, life away from screens - all of these should now be ripe for planning and to get the duel wins of anticipation and the actual reality of it happening.

(Legal disclaimer, we're not liable for the following...) - if you are asking people "have they watched anything good on Netlfix recently?" in 6 months' time, then you really do deserve to get punched in the face!

More pure gold next week, JQ

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