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Random acts of kindness are especially important

Jonny Quirk
Jonny QuirkPublished on February 08, 2021

It's an old cliche but pretty true that's it's better to give than to receive. This week I've been sitting down with my wife planning our kid's Christmas present lists, and without wanting to sound like a Grinch, I've been pushing back on a few things on the list as not really needed. The same for me, I love Christmas, but I'm also the biggest enemy of 'stocking fillers' and excess consumption - I find it all a bit overwhelming and not needed to be honest. Less (of higher quality) is definitely 'more' in my opinion!

Ok so it may not be true every time (a Porsche would be great ;-) I love vacation and traveling), but in reality, the feeling of doing kind things for other people usually leaves me and many other people with a greater sense of fulfillment and lasting buzz.

This post isn't about me so I hope I'm not coming across as either a miserable old guy or some kind of Pius figure, but I've always been a fan of trying to give to those who need it more, so as I can enjoy the things that I do receive at Christmas more. It's win-win and makes for a more enjoyable holiday period and overall life!

Random acts of kindness are especially important to consider right now as we enter into a Christmas period after a difficult year...if you're not doing this yourself but want to earn yourself some good vibes then read on!

Here are a few tips on how to help more and still have an amazing holiday season:

1. As a 'Feel Great' base, I've donated 1% of my pre-tax earnings to charity each month for about 10 years now, on a recurring basis out of my bank account. It's not a huge sum of money but it does mean that I'm guaranteed to give each month. By paying directly to charities, it means it doesn't fluctuate month to month and get forgotten about!

The 'Feel Great Inc' Upside: What am I going to do with this 1% each month? Buy a new pair of shoes that I don't need? If I'm receiving 99% to cover all my other outgoings, then surely I can afford to give away 1% to those needier each month!

2. Sometimes it's hard to resist sweet treats around holiday seasons or birthdays. So instead of putting loads of extra sugar and shit, I don't want in my body, I save up a big bag of these gifts and next time I'm out and about in my city, I stop and give each homeless person I see a small amount of each so as they can enjoy them.

The 'Feel Great Inc' Upside: Give your body a rest and put a smile on 10 people's faces as opposed to just yours. This works at any time of the year too, especially when you're on a diet, Halloween etc 😀

3. Keep an eye out on social media at holiday times for needy groups who need donations. From advent calendars for families in need, or food banks requiring supplies, it really shouldn't be too much to add a few items to your trolley.

The 'Feel Great Inc' Upside: Every time you enjoy a mince pie, beer, or present, then you can be happy knowing someone else has the opportunity to do this at the same time as you.

I'm not one to broadcast the above (in fact you may be the first to hear this) but felt it important to put it out there as it might encourage more giving and good vibes this year.

Have some of your own tips? Feel free to share and let's make the world a better place 🌍😍

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