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Love & Belonging - Reaching Level 3 Of Happiness

Jonny Quirk
Jonny QuirkPublished on February 08, 2021

What's up, everyone!

So before we all take a well-deserved rest after what's been a bizarre year, it just so happens that this week we reach stage 3 which is all about succeeding in friendships, relationships, and family connections. What could be a better time to reflect than the Christmas period (especially this year...) where we're either getting the chance to catch up with our nearest and dearest, or missing them due to the pandemic?!

Before we dig deeper into this, I'd love to reflect more on last week's topic and see how you got on? Did you take some time to analyze where you're at with your security, health, and finances?

🚨 Last Week We Talked About...Security, Health & Finances...

How did you rate (out of 10) these areas in your life and have you had time to think about ways you could nudge them to give yourself a mini-boost? You may be a 7 out 10 in terms of finances, but what could get you to 9? (I'm not one to give out many 10's for fairly ambiguous targets tbh but that's just my own personal thing...)

I made a few changes myself such as finally getting around to booking our alarm system in for a service...(Hollywood lives...), made sure I stuck to my daily yoga and meditation plan, plus used the Moneybox app to track down some old workplace pensions that I had, so as I could consolidate them in one place and not forget where they were when I reach pension age in about 100 years time...

All of this probably took less than an hour and has moved me to a better place in terms of my security, health, and fitness. There are still many more things I could do but do you know what - small steps and all that...

ğŸŽ… On To This Week...

Christmas is an amazing time of year, I freaking love it!

But amongst all of the eating, drinking, 'virtual partying' and all that, maybe it's time to take some time to really make the effort to connect with those family, friends, and people who for whatever reason have slipped through the net...

And when I say, make the effort, I mean to make the effort with people who you actually want to have a quality connection with, because even though we're all more connected online, our brains still only have the capacity to maintain 150 deep, meaningful relationships.

It may be that you use Christmas to have a spring clean of your social channels when you sit down to watch those repeats on tv, unfriending people that you can't even remember who they are but for some reason are on your friend's list.

It may be that you use this as an opportunity to make a list of say 10 friends you haven't seen for a long time, that you wish to message and just see how they're getting on...potentially making loose plans to meet up in 2021 when we fully enter 'vaccine-town'

It could be that you think about family members you haven't seen for a while and decide to pick up the phone and wish them happy Christmas. What might not take long for you, could mean the world to them (especially the oldies!) and will definitely fill you with the 'warm-and-fuzzies'

The Christmas and New Year Resolutions period is the perfect chance to organise your many networks of friends, cull, elevate, and connect.

Don't feel bad about having a clear-out, set yourself some grand plans (A big post-COVID trip to Berlin is on my mind...), and think about clearing some room for the new relationships and friendships you want to attract in 2021, 2022, and beyond!

📹 Thinking Of Some New Years Productivity Resolutions? A Quick Plug...

I recorded a quick video a while back with some top productivity tips, check them out here

🙌 See You In The New Year

Whatever you do this holiday season, make sure you have fun, feel great, and enjoy yourselves - I'll see you in the new year! 🤟

Have any thoughts on anything above? You can easily reply to this email and I'd love to know what you think!

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