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🖖 How to develop a great work-life balance - 10 awesome tips

Jonny Quirk
Jonny QuirkPublished on February 19, 2021

It's a whole new change of pace this week as we delve into some top practical tips to achieve greater balance!

First up it's all about work-life balance, something we all need to work on more - let's do this! 🤟

1. Plan your day in advance, plan those breaks and stick to them!

2. Have a great morning routine - but do whatever works for you! (think yoga, meditation, exercise, a walk - feel free to change it up but do stuff that works for you so you don't end up getting straight into the work!)

3. Set boundaries and time to fully finish at the end of each day - switch off your phone and make sure you fully have time to recharge before the next day ahead. You'll thank yourself and be more productive.

4. Plan things to look forward to. Take a day off once in a while, book that holiday, and build in mini-breaks that help to truly charge up your energy.

5. Prioritise your time - what are your must-do's, short and medium goals - and of course keep thinking about these actions tie into your long-term goals?

6. Fed up of your office/home-working situation? Change things up with a lick of paint, or buy some new plants! Move your desk or change your music of choice.

7. Make each day a new adventure - why not have a different smoothie as a mid-morning snack, or plan out your week with an array of easy-to-make but interesting lunches?

8. Connect with people more - whether that's family, friends, or even different work colleagues who are sharing your experience but maybe not in the same work-flow situation 🖐

9. Having more bad days than good days? Maybe it's time to think about re-training or setting up a side-hustle so as you can gradually move more into your passions to make your actual living all about the things you love too?

10. Remember to chill and don't put yourself under too much pressure. Work hard, play hard and keep making small adjustments each day. Gradual improvements take time but add up to a whole lot over the course of months and years

Have more tips on how to achieve a greater work-life balance? - Reply to this email and I'd love to share them in future updates 🖖

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