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The Comprehensive Guide To Plant Spirit Medicine

Jonathan Glass
Jonathan GlassPublished on August 20, 2022

Indeed, plant or plant spirit medicine is essential to living a healthy life; however, it is a source of oxygen and also for several medications. In the past of human history, people lived in harmony with the natural world, and it is the right healer of spiritual, physical, and mental health. Unfortunately, in current society, we have moved away from this point of view.

Plants are very rarely seen as anything more than objects that can be lowered to a chemical component or an object that looks pleasant to rest in a corner. For those who endeavour to regain the ancient relationship with indigenous spirituality using plants as our supporters, plant spirit medicine can assist you in finding the healing power of plants.

What Is Plant Spirit Medicine?

Nowadays, our culture has basically looked to plants as a healing cure for their chemical properties. It is a moderately recent development in the history of humanity. In the past, when people turned to plants as a source of healing, they were not significantly concerned with chemical constituents. Instead, they saw plants as living beings, having feelings, being highly aware, and prone to helping people. It was that living consciousness and good frame of mind to help people that people turned to plants as the vital source for healing potential.

Role of Plant Spirit Medicine

Before using any medicine, we have a question in mind like its role. So, similarly, this question hit your mind once you heard about plant spirit medicine. Actually, the healer makes no attempts to address symptoms. The reason for that is we acknowledge that the symptom is only a messenger for an underlying imbalance. Our main effort is to examine the inequality and call upon the spirit medicine of plants to rectify the imbalance.

Reasons to Call Plant Spirit Medicine

  • It affects the spirit of the human being.
  • You may experience that in this day and age, with the present condition, the majority of people’s systems of any kind of spiritual basis can be influenced with a spiritual intervention, as opposed to chemical intervention.

We recommend you should spend some time with the plant once you have met. Merging your awareness with it while sensing its qualities and healing intentions. By deliberately expanding and refining what we take in with our senses. We can cross the boundary of the physical world of the plants and enrol into the higher dimensions of plant life. Such attentiveness forms the basis for identifying the essence of the plants and how they work within the human soul. It is a shamanic technique recognized as gazing.

It is evident that even in the modern world. We will comprehend on some level that the plant healing power is inherent in what plants are as much as in what they do. You will experience that once you give flowers to someone, it uplifts and admires the life and brings much positivity.

As discussed above, plants are the basic source to survive in this world, and we are connected with the plant as spirit. However, plant spirit medicine is better for inner growth, improving a sense of balance and harmony in one’s life. It is also helpful for children with physical and emotional issues. If you want to know more about it, reach out to us at Healing Essence Centre & the Total Life Cleanse.

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