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Joa Rivas
Toronto, Ontario, Canadá

I am a health educator and I have coached more than 1000 people since 2010 in person and online in more than 60 countries around the world. I help business owners and corporate clients achieve success by empowering their workforce with better health and posture. I am passionate about educating organizations and individuals on spinal health through a corrective and preventive program designed to improve posture and mobility, reduce body inflammation—particularly for those who sit for long hours at their desks—and promote overall wellbeing inside and outside the workplace.I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 15, and I suffered from debilitating chronic back pain for many years. I sought help from physiotherapists and chiropractors, took various medications, and underwent several treatments, but nothing really worked. Until I found fitness training—specifically Yoga and Pilates. After 10 years in fitness training, I noticed significant and lasting improvements in my posture and core strength. More importantly, I gained freedom from pain. I understood the link between brain and body and how we can rewire our brain with simple exercisesI created the Posture School Program (PSP) in 2015, where I share with you all my knowledge and experience, along with the successes of everyone I’ve worked with, to be free of pain and achieve optimal health and wellness. Together, we can equip your teams with a stronger spine while reducing the risk for health conditions, stress, and employee burnout. I host back into alignment podcast every Friday available in Spotify, Apple and YouTube. Qualifications: Over 10 years of global experience in professional fitness training and health coaching for groups and individuals. Certified Brain Coach performance. Yoga and Pilates Instructor. Nutrition and Wellness Specialist. Highly skilled in Posture and Strength Training, Tai Chi, Thai Massage, and Employee Health and Wellness. Holds a Certificate IV in Fitness (Health and Physical Education) from the Australian Institute of Fitness. I believe in transparent communication, building trust through honesty and caring for each individual I get to connect during my life path.

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