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How to Face Uncertainty with Confidence

Jenny-Lyn Allen
Jenny-Lyn AllenPublished on May 30, 2022

Facing uncertainty is no fun, especially if you're a planner. When things feel out of your control and you have no idea what's going to happen next, it can be a very scary and disorienting place to be in.

Though you can't control or prevent challenging things from happening, there is a way that you can still move forward with peace and confidence.

1) Know Who Has the Answers

And by "know", I don't mean know about. I mean having a personal relationship with the living God who created the universe and knows everything. The kind of relationship that you and your bestie have where there are certain secrets that are just between you two.

In fact, when you have this kind of relationship with God, He has promised that He will share secrets with you!

Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come. - Jeremiah 33:3(NLT)

And not just any secret, my friend. He wants to reveal secrets about you and what you can do to navigate the uncertainty and challenges you face in your own life as well as the good plan He still has in store for you.

2) Develop the Skill of Hearing from God Personally

It's one thing (one amazing thing, by the way!) if the God who knows it all wants to share secrets with you. It's quite another to recognize His voice and what He may be saying to you.

Don't worry. There are practical steps that you can take right now to begin hearing from God for yourself.

3) Receive Support and Accountability

Let's face it. Developing a new habit or skill is not an easy task. Just think of how many New Year's resolutions you've made and how many you've actually accomplished.

Personally, I know that I can get really excited about an idea and run with it. But shortly after, I'm on to something else that is newer and seems more promising, leaving the original goal unfinished.

That's why ever since I discovered life coaching and the power and value it brings especially when it comes to accountability and helping me finish what I start - it's something I am always seeking out for myself.

If you're ready for that level of support and need a personalized plan and guidance to help you gain clarity and confidence in hearing God for yourself, so that you can face uncertainty with confidence, then the 1:1 Pain to Purpose Faith and Life Coaching subscription plan is for you!

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