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Jenny Liang
Jenny LiangPublished on March 03, 2022

First of all, thank you for spending your valuable time reading my frippery. No, seriously! Thank you! It means a lot that pet owners, prospective puppy owners, and colleagues want to hear from me. I hope you can all find both entertainment and value from spending time here.

Let me introduce myself - I'm Jenny, a scientist-turned-business-nerd who also happens to breed some pretty cute dogs. I recently dropped out of my Ph.D. in Policy & Strategic Management (perhaps a power move given that I started during COVID-19) Since then, I've been dedicating the majority of daytime hours to a company called Tablz as their Head of Research & VC Fundraising Lead.

In my spare time, I dream of Pembroke Welsh Corgis (and also sushi, but I digress). I could talk for hours and hours about various subjects of Pembrokes that I may or may not be qualified (read: unqualified from a professional perspective) to talk about.

I also spend time being a video game nerd - I'm not sure if I can classify myself as a true nerd, since I don't watch as much TV or anime as I apparently should. /eyeroll

I look forward to chatting and getting to know each and every one of you, being less of a crab, and continuing to learn and grow in the purebred dog community!

- Jenny & The Pems

Pictured Above: Chopper the Corgi: Harry x Pearl 2021, at 2.5 months of age (@choppythecorgi on IG)

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