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Show Results - Scarborough KC: March 11-13, 2022

Jenny Liang
Jenny LiangPublished on March 21, 2022

Sorry for the delay in posting detailed results (for my dogs only) - been busy with moving since we got back from the show. For those who have never seen dog show results before, scroll quickly to the bottom for a "quick-start guide" on how to interpret dog show results 😉

Friday, March 11 - Show 1🏆

Entry: 5-4-0-1 --> One b!tch completed her championship and was moved up to the Specials Only class for Saturday, hence the entry changes. No love for Aston this day!

BP: 1-3 --> Agatha came 1st in Female Baby Puppy and Rory came 3rd. Male Baby Puppy won over Agatha.

Saturday, March 12 - UK Breeds Show🏵

Entry: 4-4-0-2 --> Aston from the Bred-By-Exhibitor Class, went Winners Dog / Best of Winners / Best of Opposite Sex for 3 points, beating out 7 other dogs & b!tches.

(No baby puppy class for this show)

Saturday, March 12 - Show 2🥂

Entry: 4-4-0-2 --> Same as the UK Breeds Show*

BP: 1-3 --> Agatha came 1st and Rory came 2nd in F.BP. Male baby puppy won over Agatha.

Sunday, March 13 - Show 3🎉

Entry: 4-4-0-2 --> Same as Show 2*

BP: 1-3 --> Same as Show 2*

How to read dog show entries:

# - # - # - # represents: (class dogs)-(class b!tches)-(specials dogs)-(specials b!tches). In this case, say 4-4-0-2, it means that there are 4 non-championed males, 4 non-championed females, no champion males, and 2 champion females competing for titles in the ring.

For baby puppy there are no champions (not possible since points cannot be earned prior to 6mo), so it's just 2 numbers, class males and class females.

Classes? Specials? What the heck? To learn a little bit more about how to interpret dog shows (and understand the terminology), click HERE 🖱!

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