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"How did I get here🤷🏻?" 🔈Being a Millennial AAPI breeder.

Jenny Liang
Jenny LiangPublished on April 08, 2022

News flash: I wasn't born here! My parents emigrated from China to Canada in 1995, with a 2.5-year-old me in tow. On that flight I discovered blueberries for the first time - and also booped my head on an overhead bin (apparently 😅🤣).

As some of you (especially those of my generation) may know, there is an overwhelming push for AAPI children to pursue STEM careers ⚕️👨‍💻👩‍🔬⚖️ . So... How come I'm "just" a dog breeder, you ask? I actually love answering this question 🥰!!! My father worked incredibly hard to bring us to Canada, and have hustled diligently to pave their own road(s) to success. Today, I'm both proud and lucky 🧧 to be able to enjoy the privileges that come with living in Canada!

So first, a bit about myself: my background actually lies in medical research (NOT A DOCTOR 😅🙃). I graduated with a B.Sc with a major in Anatomy and Cell Biology (McGill '13), then started a M.Med at the University of Ottawa - which I dropped out (much to the chagrin of my parents 😑) in 2014. 😅 I found a few odd jobs, eventually landing in a role at Panda Express as a fast food server. After some dedication and hard work (and many small burns🔥), I was promoted to General Manager, where I stayed for about 10 months.

I left Panda to take on a role as a financial advisor at the bank. There, I started a small push for Chinese services in our local community before I chose to return to academia. After completing my M.Sc in Management at UOttawa, I decided that it would be smart to begin a PhD program in Policy & Strategic Management during the height of COVID-19 (hindsight: I was wrong 🙃).

AND...WELL, NOW IT'S 2022 AND HERE WE ARE. I dropped out of the PhD program in the first months of 2021 and since then have been happily working startup (check it out -, breeding dogs ( spreading the joy that Pembroke Welsh Corgis have brought me 🥰🥰.

For myself, my passion brings together the best of anatomy, genetics, embryology, entrepreneurship, innovation, and animal husbandry into the most amazing hobby anyone could ask for. Just like any other all-consuming passion, it's exhausting and can leave me quite frustrated at times, but being able to make a difference in the lives of both dogs and owners (not to mention all the amazing people I've met and learned from in the hobby) means the world to me.

Unsurprisingly, it took my parents quite a while to come around to the idea. However, once they understood how much joy these little dogs bring me (and others around me), they gave me their unequivocal support. I'm glad to have amazing people, mentors, and friends in my corner. It takes a village to be able to properly raise the dogs, work full time, and have a life (LOL, what's that?) 🥰!

And of course, I thank each and every one of you here reading this through to the end - it's because of YOU that I'm here, penning these words today, & loving every darn moment of it. Hope this is enough detail!! Written for: @dumplingcorgi 😇


Jenny & the Pems

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