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3 Days until the show! Now what?

Jenny Liang
Jenny LiangPublished on March 08, 2022

A quick fun update (and a way for me to procrastinate, self-organize & destress) for all of you wonderful people as we head towards Agatha and Rory's exciting conformation debut:

1) When are we in the ring🏴? --> 11:35am Friday! ...the other times can wait! For all of you out there, the judging schedule is HERE.

2) How early do I need to get up ⌚so that we can arrive on time? --> 5:00am!!!

3) How many points🥇 could Aston possibly win? --> 3 per show, over 4 shows! How to calculate points is in THIS document. Simply search "Championship Points"! Rory and Agatha are in the "Baby Puppy" class, which is not eligible for points...just one precious big orange ribbon 🎀

4) What do I even wear👗?! --> something classy and cute?! ARGH

5) What's the weather like (re: Question 4)❄? --> surprisingly warm 🔥

6) Do I need to pick up 🚗 any dogs / people? Am I meeting people at the show🤷‍♀️? --> Aston, Rory, Gabby, oh my 💃

7) COVID-19 💉protocols: Are my waivers signed? Did I even print my waiver📰? --> for any of you meeting me at the shows, download and print yours HERE and bring to the show site.

8) Where am I staying🏠? --> got an AirBnB! Score!

9) What will I eat (dine out or half-prepped meals in the fridge)🍕? --> NO CLUE!

10) Can I afford this😆😆? --> FOR NOW!

11) Do my dogs know what they're doing 🐩? --> 😎 heck yeah they do

12) How much money am I going to spend at the vendors 😂💵😭!??!?!!?! --> Trying to keep it in check but this is the first time I'll have vendor access since Jan 2020!

Now all you readers know why we're all so stressed and preoccupied the entire week before the show! Stay tuned for updates - Rory and Aston are coming over for baths on Thursday, and we'll film some of the shenanigans that ensue! 😉

Have yourselves a wonderful evening💖

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