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Fit and Fab at 50+

Jan Malloch
Edinburgh, UK

I help professional women over 50 to lose weight, get fitter and have loads more energy so that they can really enjoy all those things they still want to do in life.

At the age of 62, I qualified as a Personal Trainer, with a specialist qualification in helping older, independently active adults to increase their fitness.

In addition to my fitness qualifications, I am a Metabolic Diet Specialist, Master Practitioner of NLP and an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.

As a woman over 50 like me, we know that as we age, our muscles get weaker, our bones become more brittle, and we put on excess weight.

Although this is simply part of the aging process, we really can do something about it to slow down this decline.

The honest truth is that if we don't deal with this right now, our health and quality of life will only get worse.

Let me help you to improve your health and wellbeing so that you can really enjoy all of those things you still want to do in life!

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