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Jackie Mott
Jackie MottPublished on August 29, 2022


I'm super excited to announce, I’ll be one of the expert presenters at the
Clarity Confidence Connection LIVE Virtual Summit happening September 8th and
9th from 9am-7pm MT (8am-7pm PT, 11am-9pm ET, 5am-3pm HST)!

You can watch this from the comfort of your home or office and it’s totally
free! Plus, there are going to be some amazing gifts from each of the incredible speakers!!!

I’m sharing this with you because I believe this summit will be the event where
you will break through your most hidden barriers and unlock your next level of
success. You’ll gain even deeper clarity for yourself, feel inspired, motivated
and confident while connecting with other incredible women!

I’m sure you’d like to continue to have even more clarity, confidence, connection, and harmony in your life. As well as grow your career or business and become even more successful without having to work harder, sacrifice your time, health or relationships. Are you with me?

Well, if you’re with me then I think you’re going to love everything about this summit!

Claim Your Spot Now!

The Clarity, Confidence, Connection Summit has chosen some of the best highly
successful and impactful Guest Speakers from across the globe! They will be
bringing their most transformative and influential proven tools, tips, and
resources along with a heavy dose of baddassery!

You will absolutely love becoming a part of this unique constellation of women!!!

This will be a LIVE, interactive summit with 3 hosts simultaneously interviewing speakers on topics of relationships, intuition, business, mindset, prosperity, motivation, worth, wealth and wellness being held on Zoom. So you’ll be able to chat with speakers and attendees plus learn valuable tools such as:

The 3 Secrets To Creating Authentic Success
Blueprint for Success: 7 Little Known Keys That Unlock Everything
Workhorse to Alignment Queen
Spiritual Practices to Uplevel to Your Powerful Self
Intuition Is Your Super Power
Cast A Magical Spell on Your Business
Everything Is A Relationship
Believe! ALL Things Are Possible

Claim Your Spot Now!

The Clarity, Confidence, Connection Summit will also be giving away tons of FREE gifts from each of the amazing speakers worth thousands of dollars! These gifts will bring real value to you on your journey. PLUS, those who WANT IT ALL AND MORE can sign up for a VIP ticket for only $47 and not only receive the recording of the entire event, but also special VIP gifts that were curated for you!

Register now to secure your access to all the gifts from the summit!

We’ve got gifts such as:

Empowering Mirror Meditation
15 min Chakra Reading
Joyful Spirit Roadmap: Guide to Wise Boundaries
13 Fast and FREE Actions You Can Take Immediately to Bring in More Money This
Do I Stay or Do I Go? Guide
5 Steps to Create a Mindset Wired for Success

Claim Your Spot Now!

My friends, Candace McKim, Ranchelle Van Bryce and Samantha Kaaua, put this summit together because they know the importance for women to get unstuck,
breakthrough and become their best version of themselves.

These powerhouse women are #1 international best-selling authors, international speakers, podcast hosts and bad ass entrepreneurs who dominate in the fields of wellness, relationships, intuition and success. Their combined wisdom spans a total of 55 years. By making the decision to attend this breakthrough event, you will open the portal to transcend your life and business!

Even if you’re not in business for yourself you will still receive tons of value from attending this two day event. There’s a speaker to help you enhance every aspect of your life, health, relationships and more.

I can’t wait! Get yourself registered, come listen to my talk, grab my gift, and others’ too... you’re going to really love this!

Here’s when I’m speaking:

Believe! ALL Things Are Possible
September 8, 2022 at 11:30am EST

Claim Your Spot Now!

You’ll break through barriers and become even more of the badass you’ve always desired to be!

Believing in You,

PS: Sign up now and get it marked on your calendar! You won't want to miss this
mind-blowing event! Claim Your Spot Now

To join this amazing summit is completely free. There are close to 90 Speakers
and so you might want to grab the VIP ticket for $47 so that you can have ALL
of the recordings plus receive even more gifts (as in thousands of dollars of
gifts, courtesy of the speakers).

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