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Jackie Mott Mindset and Empowerment Expert

Jackie Mott
London, ON, Canada

Jackie Mott is a powerhouse speaker and coach whose true brilliance lies in her ability to talk about difficult subjects using her own unique brand of wisdom, vulnerability, and humor, and she lives from her belief that “Life doesn’t have to be so damn serious!”

When Jackie’s husband ended their 27-year relationship without warning, she was thrown into a tailspin. That conversation was her own personal “Ground Zero”. It was necessary to clear the rubble, learn who she truly was, and completely rebuild her life. In order to do that, Jackie had to challenge a lifetime’s worth of conditioning and limiting beliefs and recreate herself from the ground up.

In her speaking, her programs, and her work with individual clients, Jackie has channeled all of that learning and wisdom and shares it to support others who want to:

* Break free from limiting beliefs and start living the life they desire and deserve,

* Embrace deep and lasting self love so they can build a Bullet Proof Belief in themselves, and

* Tap into their untapped potential and Inner Powerhouse by gaining clarity on who they really are and not who they were conditioned to believe they're supposed to be.

What could change if you had a Bullet Proof Belief in yourself? Everything!!!

Are you ready?? Let's get started!

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