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Randolph, NJ, USA

We’re Aimee & Alexis and we’re the founders of Inklings. We've been best friends for over 20 years and each bring something unique to our creative partnership.

Inklings is a New Jersey based, majority women owned & part LGBTQ owned company focusing quirky, soft toys and infant novels. Thanks to a successful 2018 Kickstarter campaign, we were able to bring our first production of Ollie the Oddball Oddbird to life. In 2020 we added two more friends to the mix; Wobby the Wild Eared Wala and Gus the Toothy Tusked Rus.

Our brand highlights diversity and celebrates the differences that make all children unique and special. Each baby from our infant novels is a different gender, background and family dynamic. By showcasing what makes us different at a young age, our hope is to provide our children with a strong foundation of embracing those differences and becoming future fighters against, intolerance and hate.

We believe that when a baby's imagination is sparked at a young age their creativity will have no limits. We design Inklings to be bright, colorful and unique for just that reason. We believe that gender specific toys are old news and that's why we designed Inklings with every child in mind.

And always remember...As long as you have your imagination, you’re never really alone.

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