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Many Different Hats Business Collaboration

Kevin McCarthy
Winter Park, FL, USA

I collaborate with hard-working entrepreneurs to get results with greater speed, joy, and profits.

Wearing so many different hats, it's easy to lose focus and momentum. It's no fun to wake up wondering, How do I pay the bills? Long hours without fruitful results is frustrating. The proverbial "feast or famine" entrepreneurial rollercoaster is a recipe for being bummed out, burned out, and out of business.

Breaking the Cycle to Break Free

Before your fears, doubts, and time demands shrink your bank account and spirit, remember this phrase: "Do More of What You Do Best More Profitably." This simple, dynamic approach is the key to business success; plus it doubles as the subtitle to my second book: The On-Purpose Business Person.

Being "in business" affords us unlimited creativity and such freedom of opportunity is overwhelming. How do I know? I have 10 ideas a day. Yet, I've learned to (mostly) tempter my urges and stay focused.

I'm Kevin W. McCarthy, a lifelong entrepreneur with an MBA and BS in Finance plus author and creator of the On-Purpose® Approach. I love business, but hate the corruption of capitalism practiced in the CEO-system of management. I'm Christian, play tennis and am married to Judith since 1984.

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