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Process Improvement and Client Experience Enhancement

SOP Development + Experience Strategy Memberships Now Live!

Candice Washington
Candice WashingtonPublished on June 20, 2022

Hey now!

We know it's been a minute since some of you have heard from us, but we're still here! This past year has allowed us to further develop and expand our expertise in ways that provide the most comprehensive support to business owners in need of operational support and strategy for curating experiences that produce a positive return.

With that being said, we're thrilled to announce our new memberships, Customizable SOP Development and Personalized 1:1 Experience Strategizing. Operational processes and strategy are something that many small businesses lack, and because of that the experience they provide their clients suffers. That is why we designed these ongoing plans. Please take a look, we hope you'll join us:

Operations and Logistics Management for Curating Impactful Experiences Subscription Plans

Customized SOP Development

$249 /month

Personalized 1:1 Experience Strategizing

$469 /month

By subscribing you save on our usual rates and you can cancel anytime.

We look forward to working with you each month!

- Candice Washington and Team

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