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Here For Wives

Nikki Oluseye
Atlanta, GA, USA

Where Executive Wives Are Helped To Bring More Passion Into Their Marriage By Way Of Selfcare And Selflove

Nikki Oluseye-Longe is a Transformational Coach to Executive wives who have been married for several years. She empowers women to live out their God-designed purpose and transform their marriages from passionless to flourishing by way of self-care and self-love.

She is also the creator of Here For Wives™, a partnership with wives and marriage that centers on emotional, spiritual, financial, physical, and family values. Seeing marriages in varying stages of trials, Nikki’s mission through Here ForWives™ is to honor, support, and empower wives to live out the God-designed purpose for their marriage. Her goal is to help wives stay focused and centered against all odds, maintain order in the home even when inadvertently occupying the role of spiritual leader, faithfully manage the resources she has been given, cultivate a culture of unselfish ‘self-care,’ and diligently and meticulously pour into her children.

In addition to speaking life into marriages, Nikki is the Owner/Creative Designer of Velvet Queen Shapewear™, a lingerie brand with shaping in it to heighten, titillate and elevate the status level of the women who wear it. Nikki lives in Atlanta with her husband of over 24 years and two children.

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