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Christy Venter
Christy VenterPublished on August 10, 2022

You’re experiencing the dread of middle age that so many others face. You’ve lost interest in your vocation and ruminate how half your life is gone. Maybe you even feel like you’ve lived  your best years and the rest of your days will be uneventful and purposeless. 

Deep down, you know that you can live out the rest of your life with purpose and joy. But it doesn’t feel like it right now, and you don’t have a clear vision of how to make it happen. That’s why it’s so important to focus on simple tactics to bring some positivity into the picture. Consider these HealthyMe Living tips for coming through a midlife crisis stronger than ever:

Reevaluate Your Goals   

Sometimes our worries and despair can be directly correlated to a lost purpose or dream. If you find that you are just going through the motions and have lost that joie de vivre (joy of life), then it is time to reevaluate the path you are on. Start by writing down what is most important to you and the value you most treasure, and then establish goals on how to better or achieve the things on that list. 

Become a Hobbyist

The more you challenge yourself to learn something new and perfect your skills, the better your mind and spirit will be. Pick up a hobby or two that you thoroughly enjoy and can grow in, such as:

As you push yourself to learn, you will become more engaged, less stressed, and inspired to pursue other positive activities.

Launch a Business 

If you are looking for new goals and to stimulate your mind, starting a new business can be the task you are needing. Make sure the business is something that gives you joy and will push you to grow as a person. 

Before you launch, make sure you have the right software to run accounting properly. The software should be able to organize your receipts, provide a good overview of your income and expenses, and help you make wise financial decisions.

Seek Out Nature

The outdoors is a form of therapy that can do wonders for your mind and body. Time in the garden will not only give you a physical workout with all the digging, watering, killing weeds, and potting plants, but the time in fresh air and sunshine will improve your mood

If you do not have a green thumb and have a fondness for exercise, take your fitness outdoors and go for daily walks, hikes, swims, or even do yoga on your lawn. The vitamin D you’ll get from all your time in the sun can boost your mood, improve your immune system, and help you achieve better sleep.

Look for Opportunities to Help Others

In most situations, all we have to do is look beyond ourselves to get out of a funk. When you turn your attention elsewhere, to others in need, you won’t have the time to be focused on your own worries. 

You will likely find that helping others will re-establish your sense of purpose and will reawaken your zeal for life. Consider volunteering with a cause or organization near and dear to your heart and devout significant time to the mission. 

The average person will experience some form of midlife crisis. It can leave you feeling pessimistic, down, and confused. While it is normal to question where you're at and where you’re going, be proactive in moving forward. Try some or all of the tips above to keep yourself on the right track to a more positive and productive life.

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