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Meili Medicine

Brittany Ayers
Houston, TX, USA

Our purpose is to heal those who are sick by offering safe, effective natural remedies to restore the body to health. We do not believe in suppressing symptoms but address the underlying cause of the disease that triggers the symptom. We work to educate those in our community to heal and balance the body and mind through safe and natural therapies.

No two people are the same. We specialize in personalized treatments and curate specified nutrition plans and herbal prescriptions for each individual patient. We source the highest-quality products and support local producers with sustainable practices. 

Innovation and current evidence-based medicine are the foundation of our practice. In the Oath of the Great Physician, we are to “perform responsibilities carefully, thoughtfully, and to the best of our ability.” At Meili Medicine, we stay abreast on current research in Integrative Medicine while thinking critically and thoughtfully when addressing any health condition.

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