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Krysta Theus
Krysta TheusPublished on August 31, 2022

Healing Purpose is announcing the first R4Luxe® Retreat.
This luxurious experience will be held at The San Luis Resort Spa and
Convention Center in Galveston, Texas on November 12-13, 2022


Healing Purpose now facilitatesinteractive, expert-led retreats and workshops to connect on the unique personal and professional interests of women around the world. The retreats inspire clarity and passion for goal alignment and expansion using integrative tools and methods designed for reflection, refreshment, release, and renewal—the R4 in R4Luxe Retreats. Wellness insights, mindset exercises, immersive experiences, and more will help R4Luxe® Retreat participants to heal themselves so that they may continue to hold space for others.


Krysta Theus, founder of Healing Purpose LLC, is an accomplished, 25-year healthcare industry veteran who has spent much of her career collaborating with health system leaders and professionals for organizational change, process, and quality improvement initiatives. She is also a ‘Great Resigner.’ Theus left her healthcare leadership job in 2022 to focus full-time on her love of helping others live transformational lives through travel as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual


“I am genuinely excited to fully step out for myself and others in this way. I am looking forward to expanding services as we continue to recover and seek to better address the evolving mental health crisis in our communities. I am grateful to pay it forward to the health and wellness community through this much needed work; empowering health and transformations.” says Theus.


“The ideal R4Luxe® Retreat participants are women that may be successful in most areas of their lives, but still struggle to feel fully balanced and fulfilled from day to day. Do they get things done? Absolutely, but mentally and emotionally, they may
feel an aching void. They need a break. Even better-- they need a breakthrough!” says Theus. “R4Luxe® Retreats offers a holistic, introspective, fun, and luxurious ‘self-love’ opportunity at a time when many are seeking sisterhood fellowship, clarity, focus, support, and direction.” Additional retreats around the world are planned for 2023.

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