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GUTS - Evolving Student Athlete Nutrition

Diane Johnson
High River, AB, Canada

Diane began her career teaching high school physical education and leadership. Growing up as a multi-sport athlete and post secondary volleyball athlete, Diane developed an impassioned love of sport and a deep appreciation for the opportunities sports provide us to develop as people. She began coaching volleyball at the age of 22 and has not stopped.

During her 20's, Diane was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. It was learning about food and her own unique nutrition needs that literally saved her life. These experiences inspired Diane to change the course of her career to help others learn about the healing powers of food.

Over the last 12 years, Diane has continued to work with young athletes and youth sport programs to bring nutrition to the forefront their training and programs. She blends her nutrition and sport expertise in a unique system that educates and empowers young athletes to care for and fuel their busy growing bodies.

It's called GUTS - Evolving Student Athlete Nutrition.

- Because it takes guts to do something different.

- Because it takes guts to be a young athlete relentlessly pursuing their dreams.

- Because it all starts in our guts.

Ultimately, Diane aims to change the nutrition culture in youth sport so that young athletes can feel good, play great and crush their sport dreams. all while developing a long lasting healthy relationship with food.

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