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Grow Nourishment

Tazim Damji
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Grow Nourishment is all about the belief that growing edible plants is the easiest and most enjoyable way to eat healthily. I combine my background in permaculture and plant-based nutrition to help my clients feel proud and accomplished as they grow nourishing organic herbs and vegetables. I can get them there with nutritional assessments and coaching, garden planning consultations, and garden planting installations.

Growing our own food, no matter what kind of access we have to stores and farmer's markets is one of those skills that has so many benefits - tangible and intangible. I find that my anxiety is eased whenever I'm out in the garden or growing herbs indoors. I even find that I feel less stressed when I talk to others about gardening!

My clients most often live in apartments, condominiums, and townhouses with limited space to grow. I help them realize how much they can grow and harvest even with their small spaces. When my clients realize what's possible, they feel excited to try something new, get outside more often and connect with nature, and enjoy all the fresh salads they'll have easy access to. I  am able to help clients across Canada via virtual consultations and coaching sessions, not just in the Vancouver area where I live.

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