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Game Changing Work

Roxana Radulescu Veronica Stewart
United States

Game Changing Work is a Movement created by Roxana Radulescu & Veronica Stewart.

They are the founders of All Personal (Roxana) and Ingenious Agile (Veronica), and are famously passionate about everything that is ‘different’!

They love to work with leaders, teams & organizations that are driven to make a difference, so they feel proud of & happy with the results they are getting and the future they are creating!

What Game Changing Work is all about:

* Adaptive Dynamic Teams
* Outcome-Based Thinking
* OKRs, People & Culture
* Team-Based Leadership

Join our community and participate in our Live Streaming sessions, webinars and other fun-filled events where we discuss how we can create a future of work we are proud of and happy with!

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