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Natasha Flores-Makon
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Here at Fullove Foods, we are infusing the restrictive, "bad ingredient-free" status quo of the health foods industry with a celebration of the cuisine that conscious consumers crave. While our products may be free from major allergens and processed ingredients, we highlight the nutrients and nourishing ingredients at the heart of each product.

We embrace the abundance of nutrients, energy, and love found in our carefully selected and health-enhancing ingredients. We seek to honor your commitment to your wellbeing by celebrating what health foods are adding to, not taking away from, your life as you navigate your own personal relationship with eating. Like you, we are mindful of our bodies because when we feel our best, we show up full of love!

Fullove Foods believes that truly ushering in a new paradigm of healthy living comes from creating the pleasure you experience when eating your favorite comfort food in each of our healthy products. We never sacrifice taste, texture, smell or aesthetics so that we can uphold our promise to facilitate an incredible experience that enables you to truly revel in each and every bite.

We see you. We hear you. And we welcome you full of love.

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