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Flavor Seed

Adam Jenkins
Charlotte, NC, USA

The Flavor Seed was planted 20 years ago by my Dad, he had some old family recipes and wanted to start a spice company. I helped him with a business plan and some leg work, but was in college at the time and pursuing my own dreams and interests. After some time, his spice company dream withered away, and my dad was off pursuing another venture. That might have been the end of the story if life hadn't taken one of its many strange twists. You see in 2010 after some unfortunate events I found myself mourning the death of my Dad and rummaging through the remains of his belongings. Buried within his prized box of treasures was a plastic folder containing all the leg work and information I had given him to start his own spice company.

It was then that I realized he truly valued my work and while he had not seen the company through to its completion, he always held out hope that the contents of that package would be useful...treasured…

That day stayed with me, and as time went by, a still small voice kept whispering to me, what about those seasonings.

It wasn't until 2016 when I was laid off from my corporate career with General Electric that I actually had time to reflect on what I was doing in life, and whether it still carried meaning to me. 

It was then that I decided no longer would I allow myself to wonder, What If. 

Everything needed to change and it started with the nutritional health of my family. We embraced all things Organic and immediately saw the benefits of the lifestyle.

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