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October Yoga Reset

Angela  Ioannou
Angela IoannouPublished on September 30, 2021

Hi Yogis 👋

As we move into the new season of autumn, we are starting to feel the effects of the colder weather and shorter days. This is a great time to make the most of your home yoga practice, to reset and recover.

October’s classes will look at breaking down the basics of your yoga practice, resetting and realigning one area of your body at a time, whilst incorporating the surrounding muscles and joints.

Week 1 - Core & Hip Stability

Week 2 - Upper Body Tension Release

Week 3 - Hip & Hamstrings Open & Lengthen

Week 4 - Full Body Flow With Breath

Week 5 - Spine Strengthen & Lengthen

This Saturday we will be focusing on Core & Hip Stability; the foundation of your practice, posture and breath.

Core Stability is defined as the ability to maintain equilibrium and control of your spine and pelvic region during movement without compensatory movement, just within physiological limits.

In an exercise context when we think of strengthening the core, this generally refers broadly to the deeper abdominal muscles we use when we do a plank for example. The core is made up of these muscles that essentially work to stabilise the spine & pelvis, as well as your diaphragm at the top of your core and the pelvic floor at the bottom. It’s really important to work with both of these also when we think of the core.

Deep breathing will help with core strength as it allows the diaphragm to move lower down and take some pressure off of the central core muscles, and also promotes great posture. Equally it’s important to activate the muscles of the pelvic floor as they support all of your organs, ligaments and tendons surrounding the spine & pelvis. 

In yoga we frequently think about opening our hips, but it’s important that the stabilising muscles are strengthened and lengthened also, which is what we will be focusing on during the first class of this series.

If you have yet to sign up to your weekly yoga practice, make this month your month to do something amazing for yourself, and your first class is FREE ❤️🙏🏻

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