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Kelsay Myers
Larkspur, CA, USA

My name is Kelsay, and I stand for transformation in all of its forms: embodied, spiritual, creative and living. What this brings to my work as a coach and healing arts practitioner is a commitment to change, growth, lifelong learning and a focus on what is new. In the Fierce You Club memberships, I hold space for your ferocious self-expression as a multifaceted, vibrant and empowered being in ways that nourish your mind, body and soul.

My work is for bold hearts on the road to transformation, embodiment and self-expression. I am a force for compassionate change. If you’re holding back in your creativity and in your life, I offer individual and group transformative programs and online courses that use cutting edge embodiment and expressive arts techniques to help you discover and reclaim your creative flow, experience more joy in life, and feel more settled in your whole system, so you have more personal power in the world.

With dual M.F.A degrees in Creative Nonfiction and Poetry from Saint Mary’s College of California and certification as a Tamalpa Institute Life/Art Process® Practitioner and Teacher, I have a decade’s worth of experience teaching, researching and collaborating in integrative somatic trauma therapy modalities, ways of understanding the self and what makes a meaningful life, and using the arts for transformative healing. I'm also Editor of the international Transformative Power of Art Journal and a Senior Executive Contributing Writer to BRAINZ Magazine.

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